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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Santorini - too beautiful to miss!

Too much to see - too much to do - posting on a blog had to wait. Yes, Santorini is everything it's said to be and more. Rumor has it you can't take a bad picture on Santorini and it's true. I've sorted and sorted and still too many to share. Enjoy! Maybe you will be enticed to visit and help the Greek economy.

Fira Windmill

Don't pass up a chance to go. Do find a place on the Caldera side facing the volcano; it's worth every Euro.

The caldera at daybreak

North Fira at dawn

Stay in north Fira to avoid the boat crowds. 

Thirasia in the distance

Not everyone is happy; it was a hot day!

Fira furry friends

Reserving this place for my next trip!

Potted plant and grape vine

Leaving Santorini